Saturday, April 2, 2016

Maneno Engine 2016

You may have landed here after using the Maneno Engine Android App (beta). On this page you will find the following sections:
  • Suggest translation
  • About Maneno Engine
  • Write to Us
  • Share Maneno Engine
  • Register Maneno Engine
  • Learn More (about Maneno Engine)

Suggestions - Write to Us

You can write to suggest better translations, corrections or brand new word translations. Write to manenoengine at

Learn More About Maneno Engine

Read about Maneno Engine on other posts on this blog.

Share Maneno Engine

You can share ManenoEngine on social media by clicking on the share buttons at the bottom of this blog post. To download a version of MenenoEngine for testing, browse this link and download the APK onto your device directly or copy from your PC to your Android device. 


As the current time, there is no formal registration. However, we shall kindly request your  feedback based on your experience with the app if you download and use it. You can provide comments at the bottom of this article or write to us: manenoengine at

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