Saturday, March 5, 2016

Maneno Engine Update

The Maneno Engine project is by no means dead. The first Kiswahili initiative was in 1998 when I and Prof. Chimera defined the specs for the Swahili locale in Windows 2000. In 2004, together with Dwayne Bailey of , we created an opensource Kiswahili spell checker that works in Open Office though at that time, OO did not have a language ID for Kiswahili. 

In 2012, a Java-based English-Kiswahili application was created based on the Yale Kamusi wordlist of translated English words. The app can be downloaded from Sourceforge

In 2014 some work started on an Android app that does English-Kiswahili single-word translation. The fully functional free prototype is close to being released together with a Pro version. The difference will be in the word lists. The free version is based in the Yale Kamusi word list while the Pro version is based on an expanded word list harvested manually from high quality Kiswahili translations of English documents with the NIV Bible as the primary source.

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